Help!... My house is FREEZING!

With the increasing cost of energy, homeowners are increasingly conscious of the energy efficiency of their houses.

A full energy retrofit, in spite of generous grants, is prohibitively expensive for most people. However, there are smaller, less expensive options to make your living space more comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Attic. You can never have too much attic insulation and this is a simple and relatively cheap solution to prevent heat escaping through your roof space.

  • Windows. If you have existing PVC double glazed units, a simple service will check for air tightness and efficient opening and closing mechanisms.

  • Oil Boilers. If your existing unit is more than 10 years old it probably needs upgrading to a far more efficient condenser boiler, this along with individual controls on each radiator will make a huge difference.

  • Open Fire Places. A traditional solid fuel burning open fire place is a huge waste of expensive fuel. A simple fire front closure or better still an inset stove again will make a huge difference.

  • External Doors. If your existing external doors are made of timber, then replacing them with a PVC or composite unit will ensure air tightness and reduce heat loss from the house.

  • External Walls. Pumping existing cavity walls or if this is not feasible, fitting external insulation will greatly increase the energy efficiency of the house.

If you have the financial resources, fitting air to water/heat pumps/solar etc., will further enhance the energy efficiency of the building.

So every small step helps, you don't have to break the bank.